featured home insurance

Home Insurance

Anyone that is in the state of Pennsylvania should consider purchasing and owning their own home. Owning a property continues to be one of the best ways that the average person can build long-term wealth. If you are looking to buy a home here, you also need to consider your insurance needs...

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featured auto insurance

Auto Insurance

The majority of people that live in Pennsylvania would be much better off if they were to purchase their own vehicle. When you are a car owner, it can be much easier to get around town, and you can save a lot of time. If you choose to purchase a car here, it is imperative that you get the right insurance...

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featured commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

Whether you own a business that employees hundreds or just a few, it is important to have adequate insurance to protect your company and your employees. Luckily, that’s where commercial insurance fits in by covering your business from financial liability that may arise from damage to physical property or a workplace injury...

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Welcome to DiMeglio Insurance Associates

When you are in the state of Pennsylvania, it continues to be very important for you to maintain proper personal insurance coverage. Quality insurance policies can protect your assets, give you liability protection, and offer other forms of support. There are several forms of insurance that the average consumer may need to have here.

Home or Condo

Your home is a very valuable asset that needs to be covered by insurance. With a home insurance or condo insurance policy, you can receive coverage to protect your dwelling and personal assets. It will also include liability coverage.


Owning a car is a major responsibility and having coverage is a practical necessity. A full auto insurance policy will provide you with liability coverage and can include collision and comprehensive insurance. This coverage will protect you against liability risk and can protect your vehicle.


One significant form of insurance to acquire is life insurance. This type of coverage would protect your dependents if you were to pass away unexpectedly. You can build a policy to meet your needs in terms of coverage amount and term.


If you own a business, getting commercial insurance is a necessity. With a full insurance policy, you will receive coverage to protect your investment in the business assets and protection against liability claims.


While property owners need to have insurance, so do renters. Most renters today are obligated to have coverage by their lease. Even if they are not required to have coverage, investing in a policy is beneficial as it can cover your personal belongings and provide valuable liability coverage.

No matter what your personal insurance needs are, those that are in the state of Pennsylvania should speak with the team at DiMeglio Insurance Associates Inc. when evaluating their needs and options. The team at DiMeglio Insurance Associates Inc. can make it much easier for you to build and choose a new policy that gives the insurance coverage and protection that you need.

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